Amplify your talent’s impact for good 

What would a meaningful and measurable shift in your talent’s ability to lead with impact, influence and empathy be worth to your organisation?



A few key principles govern effective leadership. Simplicity underpins all of them. Because simplicity is necessary to create understanding, and understanding is necessary for positive decision-making, we begin by teaching your talent how to distil complexity to its essence. 



Emotions are primary to the human experience: we feel before we think. Most people spend time thinking about how to communicate – but few consider what they want their audience to feel. Connecting with stakeholders is the most powerful tool your leaders have to inspire their audience to action – and action is where innovative ideas meet reality.



Effective leaders must understand the drivers of human nature. We teach our candidates the neuroscience behind why and how we decide. Without the ability to persuade followers, leaders are really just people walking out front, alone. Learning the art of persuasion is critical for effective leadership, and successful revenue generation.


Action Learning Projects

A catalyst for transformation

The Resonance learning journey is strategically designed to test candidates in a high-stakes environment – known as an Action Learning Project (ALP). We customise and align our delivery to your ALP process, ensuring that each candidate benefits from:    




The application of the 70:20:10 learning principle, enabling candidates to test, apply and improve their competency by putting knowledge into action.

The challenge of final pitches to senior stakeholders, with the intrinsic motivation that only a high-stakes situation inspires.

The space and guidance required to discover, develop and ultimately deliver their own authentic style of leadership.

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