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How can Resonance help?

Measurable shifts in core leadership competencies, guaranteed. 


Leadership development programmes

What would a measurable shift in core leadership competencies be worth to you and your company? Through a blend of classroom-based theory, applied action learning and coaching, Resonance guarantees results that exceed stakeholder expectations.



Watch the video series to find out what we offer, the framework we use, and what investment is required to begin resonating.

Leadership Dev
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Bespoke training

Resonance will work with you to meet the outcomes you select, on the metrics you choose to measure.

Resonance delivers training on:

The principles of effective communication

  • Impactful pitches and compelling presentations

  • Difficult conversations and effective feedback

  • Data-driven storytelling

Values-driven leadership


  • Leading on purpose

  • Vision, service and legacy

  • Nurturing initiative, integrity and innovation

Personal mastery


  • The catalysts for personal transformation

  • Developing a growth mindset in an infinite game

  • The power of perception and the primacy of process

Meaning, purpose and engagement

  • Finding your Why
  • The 7 dimensions of meaning

  • Work as a pathway to purpose

Problem solving and decision making

  • Applying a framework for productive conflicts
  • Understanding different perspectives using mental models

  • Modelling intentional decision making through action learning


  • Replacing the tyranny of the urgent with the important
  • Understanding prioritisation as a culture - & how to build one

  • Using frameworks to prioritise projects


  • Why self-awareness underpins every aspect of leadership
  • Understanding the 4 tools to 'know thyself'

  • How to become an authentic leader 

Agile leadership

  • How to adapt to the only constant - change
  • Making productivity and effectiveness the key metric

  • Becoming process driven & iteration focused

Emotional intelligence

  • EQ: why it matters, and how to boost it

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Presence and Gravitas

Sales and relationship management

  • Building connection

  • The art of persuasion

  • Creating win-win outcomes

The 4-Archetype framework

  • Psychometric assessment and results

  • Understanding the 4-archetype framework

  • Applying the 4-Archetype to relationships - and self

Diverse thinking in engaged teams


  • Cultivating trust

  • Connecting with purpose

  • Collaborating with curiosity and candor

Empowerment and autonomy


  • Understanding the empowerment cycle

  • Adjusting leadership styles to suit situations

  • Increasing autonomy through considered delegation

Creating a feedback rich culture


  • Why feedback is the most important gift you can give others

  • How to commit to giving - & receiving - feedback

  • The 3 elements required: permission, compassion and objectivity 

Accountability and responsibility


  • Understanding the power of personal responsibility

  • Creating accountability while delegating

  • Owning outcomes as a leader

Creating psychological safety


  • Why trust underpins every aspect of performance

  • Building trust in self, and relationships

  • How to repair relationships that lack trust

Because every engagement is different, our training is custom-designed according to your needs. Contact us to discuss what's possible with your budget. 


Keynote speaking

Resonance offers keynotes on diverse topics such as finding meaning and purpose at work; connecting with colleagues across silos; and creating authenticity and trust in the workplace. 


Keynote rates are context-dependent: get in touch to discuss your needs.



Resonance helps talent develop the meta-skills of self-awareness, motivation, impact, reflection, and accountability.


The Resonance 2023 Coaching rate is £495 per 60-minute session.

We're resonating globally

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