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How can Resonance help?

Measurable shifts in core leadership competencies, guaranteed. 

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Modular masterclasses in the leadership competencies that matter

Resonance will work with you to meet the outcomes you select, on the metrics you choose to measure.

Half & full day modules include:

Effective communication & interpersonal trust

  • Impactful & compelling pitches & presentations

  • Navigating difficult conversations with skill

  • Data-driven storytelling

Values-driven leadership​​​

  • Leading on purpose

  • Vision, service and legacy

  • Initiative, integrity and innovation

Agile leadership during change

  • How to adapt to the only constant - change

  • Strategic change at team & organisation level

  • Individual adaptation & agility

The 4-Archetype framework

  • The 4-archetype framework

  • Psychometric assessment & results

  • Enhanced self-awareness & better interpersonal skills

Emotional literacy, intelligence & agility

  • EQ: why it matters, & how to boost it

  • Regulating emotions under pressure

  • Emotional mastery: intuitive decision making

Problem solving and decision making

  • A framework for decision-making

  • Understanding differing perspectives through mental models​

  • Having productive & intentional conflict

Empowerment, autonomy & creating a coaching culture

  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Developing situational leadership

  • Increasing autonomy through intentional delegation

Creating a feedback rich culture

  • Why feedback is the greatest gift you can give - & receive

  • How to create a feedback culture

  • The feedback framework


  • The tyranny of urgent v the primacy of important

  • Building a prioritisation culture

  • Frameworks to manage & prioritise projects

Enhancing engagement in purpose-driven culture

  • Understanding the drivers of engagement

  • Work as a pathway to purpose

  • The 7 dimensions of meaning

Psychological safety in high-performing teams

  • Apply the principles of psychological safety

  • Experience debate & decision making from a place of collaboration & trust

  • Create a culture of contribution & challenge

Accountability and responsibility

  • Understanding the power of personal responsibility

  • Creating accountability while delegating

  • Owning outcomes as a leader

Sales and relationship management

  • The art of persuasion

  • Creating win-win outcomes

  • Client-focused, curious consulting

Achieving self-awareness

  • Why self-awareness is the foundation of enlightened leadership

  • Understanding the 4 tools to 'know thyself’​

  • Becoming an authentic leader

Videos to help you understand how Resonance works

Because your needs are unique, every engagement we undertake is custom designed to fulfil the outcomes you want achieved.


Whether training is delivered over a half or a full day, in-person or virtually, with or without integrative skills coaching depends on your requirements and budget.


Let’s talk about the budget you have and the results you intend to accomplish, and if there’s alignment - we’ll tailor a solution to exceed your expectations, guaranteed.


Integrative Skills Coaching

The best way to maximise the ROI from your L&D initiatives is by combining classroom-based learning with 1:1 Integrative Skills Coaching.

People learn by doing, and coaching creates a space for talent to explore the competency and fail fast in a safe environment, so that when they come to implement the new skill for real in a high-stakes situation, they have the type of confidence that only focused feedback and experiential success can provide.

How many skills-based integrative coaching sessions do people typically need?

Normally just 1.

Most of David’s clients ‘get the click’ after just a single Integrative Skills Coaching session – that’s all they need to become consciously competent at the new skill.

Leadership Dev

Transformational Leadership Development Programmes

Creating a paradigm shift in competency and culture

David’s vocation is transforming talent into leaders using Action Learning principles, and the most effective way to do this is through custom-designed learning journeys that last between 3-9 months.

Because these programmes ask delegates to solve pressing problems on your C-Suite’s strategic agenda, not only do they transform your talent in the leadership competencies that matter most, but your business receives tangible ROI, with L&D as the catalyst for increased profit, productivity & effectiveness.

As always with Resonance, all engagements are designed according to your specific needs through a comprehensive stakeholder visioning process, with success assessed according to the metrics you choose to measure.


Key Notes

David offers keynotes on diverse topics such as finding meaning and purpose at work; connecting with colleagues across silos; and creating authenticity and trust in the workplace.


Keynote rates are context-dependent: get in touch to discuss your needs.

Helping leaders fulfill their potential, one key competency at a time

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