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What is Action Learning?

If Einstein’s axiom that “the only source of knowledge is experience” is true, then Action Learning is your best option when it comes to developing leaders effectively.

Action Learning transforms talent in real-time by using their day-to-day work as the mechanism for improvement. And because your talent learns by doing in the flow of work, the improvement they make is both visible and measurable – and therefore the outcome is demonstrable and inarguable.

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The Resonance learning methodology: The 4 corners of learning



Napoleon Bonaparte noted that people are motivated by just two things: self-interest, and fear. And it’s true: leaders only learn when they are motivated by the prospect of personal gain or the fear of loss.

Resonance’s methodology gives delegates the opportunity to apply principles learnt in the classroom to solve an important and urgent problem on your organisation’s strategic agenda. At the end of the learning journey, delegates pitch their solutions to a panel of senior stakeholders in a dragon’s den format.

Because delegates are solving real-life problems that impact the organisation, they are incentivised to learn – and because the quality of their final presentations has career-determining consequences, the stakes are high enough to generate intrinsic motivation!

Opportunity to implement


Most professional learning is infotainment based on backward looking case studies that have utility in theory, but in reality possess little practical application to the specific problems your talent are faced with.

Resonance is different.

Everything Resonance does is aimed at having your talent experience a shift in competency through doing – which is why the feedback we collate is focused on the pivotal question: “Have you experienced a shift in your ability to perform this leadership competency?”

David teaches the minimum amount required to build trust, open minds and provide the frameworks and tools necessary for experiential learning to take place. Typically within 30 – 45 minutes, talent are asked to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to their own pressing problems at work, ensuring mere theoretical information is transformed into experiential wisdom through the alchemy of doing.


Feedback from others experiencing and perceiving the skill

The quickest and most reliable way to learn a skill is through one-on-one feedback from someone who has mastered the skill you seek competency in. Because David has succeeded in the situations your talent face, he is perfectly placed to provide them with the support they require to become who they could be through Integrative Skills Coaching.



Einstein note that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Breaking this cycle first requires reflection, then iteration.
At Resonance, each classroom interaction ends with your talent making a commitment to implement the skills they have learnt with their team at work, enabling them to attain personal competency in the flow of work while simultaneously becoming catalysts for positive behavioural change across your organisation.


Each subsequent engagement begins with delegates reflecting on how their skills-based implementation went and sharing what worked – and what didn’t – with their peers. That way, delegates remain accountable for implementing new competencies, talent learn from each other, and the institutional wisdom within your organisation is leveraged.

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