Ideas should resonate

Resonance teaches your talent the principles of presence and persuasion, empowering them to communicate with influence and impact when it matters most

Effective communication is the great enabler: workplace harmony, organisational culture and employee productivity all depend on it. When your talent can engage stakeholders with ideas that resonate, teams become more effective, and organisations more meritocratic.

David Joshua

Director of Learning & Development

The Resonance learning journey is delivered by its founder, David Joshua. David has spent a career pitching multi-million dollar services and solutions to private clients and institutional investors, enabling him to master the principles of effective communication. He applies these insights, along with those learnt while leading a national sales team, building a successful offshore investment business, and managing global investment distribution for Africa’s largest financial services organisation. David doesn’t just understand the theory of what high-potential employees need: he has direct experience in what it takes to succeed. A Penguin-published business author, David also lectures at Henley Business School, where he delivers The Principles of Presence and Persuasion.


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