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Creating Leaders who Resonate!

Apply Leading-Edge Theory. Combine with Experiential Learning. Undergo Integrative Skills Coaching. Create transformational behavioural change in your most valuable resource: Your Leaders.

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David Joshua

David Joshua

Founder and Managing Director

David is a Penguin-published investment author and Henley Business School lecturer, where his learning and development content design and delivery have earned the incredibly rare accolade of multiple perfect feedback assessments.

David began his career at PwC. He has managed High-Net-Worth client portfolios for HSBC in London, built a successful offshore intermediary investment proposition while reporting directly to an international CEO in Jersey, hired, trained, and led a national sales team in South Africa, then was promoted to manage Global Investment Distribution for the continent’s largest financial services organisation, where he increased new assets and clients by a factor of 10 (YoY) within 8 months – unheard of in a saturated market selling a commodity product.

Now, David’s vocation is creating transformational behavioural change in leadership by combining leading-edge theory, experiential learning and Integrative Skills Coaching. David doesn’t just understand the theory of what leaders need to flourish and thrive: he has lived experience of what it takes to create extraordinary success within leading-edge organisations.

David lives and works globally with his wife, Kim.

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