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The Resonance Philosophy

Principles that underpin our approach


Action learning

Information is theory: wisdom is experience.


Because people learn by doing, Resonance gives talent the tools to practically apply knowledge in real-time using action-learning, creating sustainable behavioural change.



Nietzsche observed that a person with a strong enough Why can bear almost any How.


And it’s true: humans learn best when they understand what’s in it for them. That's why Resonance targets and ignites internal reward systems, creating the incentive for your talent to invest in themselves.



Self-awareness underpins all behavioural change: without an acceptance of what is, there is no transformation into what could be.

Resonance gives your talent the tools to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and choices – which is the path to conscious leadership.

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The Resonance Way

What makes us better than the rest?


Experience + expertise

You can’t effectively teach what you haven’t yet experienced. Yet most training is delivered by people who haven’t lived the principles they teach – let alone applied them in the corporate world to achieve real-world success. At Resonance, we do, and we have.


Interpersonal focused

Relationships are messy and difficult. Yet creating connection is a skill -  and skills can be learned. Through a blend of insight, action-learning, and coaching, Resonance helps you to create flourishing teams that leverage the diversity of opinion (rather than suppressing it) and leaders who seek success through collaboration, rather than coercion. 



Successful organisations collaborate across divisions, rather than compete across silos. Resonance gives your talent the tools to harness the power of diverse thinking by creating connection, trust, and authenticity while growing from the feedback and friction that only people can provide.


A teaching style that resonates

David possesses a unique facilitation style that imparts wisdom and draws out discussion. His ability to combine leading-edge theory with experiential learning has earned him the rare accolade of multiple perfect feedback assessments while teaching at a world class business school. 



Because action learning is grounded in real-life development, your talent transform by working on the challenges they face in their day-to-day roles. That means they improve in real-time in the areas most relevant to them – rather than being subjected to generalised fire-and-forget infotainment that teaches outdated theory using backward-looking case studies. 



Your talent is your greatest asset - and their most precious resource is time. The Resonance methodology delivers behavioural change through experiential learning. Each core competency takes just a half day to deliver – and promises a shift in your leadership’s capabilities.  


Invested in successful talent transformation

At Resonance, we believe that leadership development is a vocation (not a profession), and learning and development isn't a chore: it’s a gift. We aren’t just financially invested in successful outcomes because of the Resonance guarantee. Because our work is a calling, creating paradigm shifts in leadership competency is its own reward. And that, above all else, is what makes the difference.


The Resonance Promise

We're resonating globally

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