Transforming talent into leaders using action learning principles

Measurable improvements in core leadership competencies.



Why Resonance?

96% of L&D training is rated as a waste of time by time-starved professionals.*


Your talent is tired of box-ticking fire-and-forget infotainment training that doesn’t make a difference - and so are the leaders and organisations Resonance partners with.


That's why Resonance uses action learning principles to guarantee a measurable behavioural change in the core leadership competencies that drive profit, productivity, and purpose.

At the core of the Resonance philosophy is this: leadership competencies are skills - not traits. And with the right framework, delivered by the right teacher, in the right context - skills can be learned - and leadership competencies transformed.

* 2022 report published in Training Zone

Who trusts Resonance?

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Developing the skills your leaders need most

Because what we do works,  Resonance guarantees the people we partner with the following results:

Measurable results from each engagement – evaluated by the metrics you choose to measure

Increased talent engagement through purpose-driven, values-led leadership development, relevant to both the individual and the organisation

Demonstrable ROI in the areas that matter most to your key stakeholders and senior sponsors, by solving pressing problems on your strategic agenda during leadership learning journeys

How can Resonance guarantee to exceed your expectations - when almost no one else does?


“I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.”