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The High Performance Leadership Blueprint

Project Aristotle: An evidence-based  blueprint for high performance, courtesy of Google

In 2014, Google studied 180 teams, 37,000 employees & gathered millions of data points over two years (‘Project Aristotle’) to determine why some teams exceeded the sum of their parts - & others didn’t. What they discovered (in research since validated by Harvard & MIT) is that five attributes determine the performance of teams.

These are:

  1. Psychological safety


Google discovered that a leader’s ability to create psychological safety matters more than anything else when it comes to creating high performance teams - & by a wide margin. So ask yourself: have your leaders been given the tools & training necessary to create the inclusion, contribution & challenge on which high performance & innovation depend?

2. Dependability


Accountability & ownership are the gel that creates cohesion when the going gets tough & adversity strikes. Do your leaders know how to foster a sense of responsibility, autonomy & empowerment in the individuals they lead – rather than defaulting to urgency, manipulation & coercion to get things done?

3. Clarity & structure


Do your leaders communicate with crystal clarity, & use project management tools & frameworks to structure collaborative work seamlessly? Most leaders don’t - & hence create unnecessary confusion, conflict & inefficiency. Communication is an art, & structure is a science: how competent are your leaders at both?

4. Meaning & purpose


Nietzsche observed that ‘he who has a why can bear almost any how’, for meaning is the fuel that fortifies resolve & unleashes discretionary effort during testing times. Yet few leaders have taken the time to craft, share & reinforce a narrative that articulates why their team’s work is meaningful - & thus give the gift of purpose to the people they lead. 

5. Impact


Recognition, encouragement & reward is how great leaders balance the stick of deadlines with the carrot of motivation. Yet the default leadership style relies on the stick of coercion to get things done in a culture of non-stop urgency - which breeds burn out & resentment. Are your leaders creating a healthy culture of optimism, gratitude & retention – or creating the fear that ends in discontent & churn?

Resonance specialises in creating high performing teams & cultures by giving leaders the skills & behaviours they need to come into alignment with these leadership competencies


“Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive... Highly recommend David as a modern, forward thinking, inspirational leadership expert and coach!”

Chief People Officer, The Co-Op

“We engaged David to support our leaders on their leadership journey. Very quickly, he established psychological safety with the team and from this, was able to develop a bespoke series of workshops.  His content was backed up with evidence, as well as personal experience, which allowed him to quickly captivate, motivate and inspire our leaders.  His delivery was authentic, energetic and fast paced, whilst at the same time flexible in addressing the needs of the audience and different personality styles.   

 Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many experiencing tangible results in themselves and with their teams after the first workshop. A number of our leaders have also engaged in coaching, with some finding it so beneficial, they have requested further sessions.  


We look forward to continuing our relationship with David and would highly recommend him as a modern, forward thinking, inspirational leadership expert and coach!”


 Natalie Clare, Chief People Officer, The Co-Op 

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How can Resonance guarantee to exceed your expectations - when almost no one else does?

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