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Leadership Development with ROI

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Results guaranteed to exceed your expectations

Is your organisation seeking a culture of high performance, innovation & engagement? 

Are you tired of theory-based infotainment L&D that doesn’t move the dial – or produce tangible ROI? 

And what would a real-time shift in the core leadership competencies that matter most be worth to you - & your company?


Resonance offers you leadership development guaranteed to exceed the expectations of your senior stakeholders on the following three metrics: 

1. Time – because this is what your Execs value most;

2. Relevance - because what’s the point if leaders can’t apply learning immediately to generate results?

3. Real-time transformation – because Resonance’s experiential learning approach guarantees leaders are demonstrably improved before they walk out of the class – as verified by their own feedback. 

So, if you want transformations in performance, engagement & innovation (guaranteed) – then keep reading to understand how Resonance can help you, & what clients say about working with us. 

How can Resonance help?

Leadership Development

Is your leadership team striving to create a culture of high performance, engagement & innovation?


If so, then Resonance facilitates paradigm shifts in each of these core competencies - using a process guaranteed to exceed the expectations of your senior stakeholders. 


If you're seeking transformation in one of these dimensions (such as Impact, Clarity or Meaning), then David works with a handful of motivated execs each month to help them become who they could be.

What next?

Read the testimonials below to understand how David has helped teams & leaders like you to solve problems like yours.


How can Resonance help your leadership team?

Modular masterclasses in the leadership competencies that matter most

Half & full day modules include:

Psychological safety in high-performing teams

  • Why Psychological Safety is the key to high performance in teams 

  • Boost innovation, inclusion & performance 

  • Make a strategic decision applying Psychological Safety principles

Agility and innovation during change

  • Becoming an adaptive leader

  • Why your competitive advantage depends on your ability to outpace the change curve

  • How to innovate ahead of the pace of change

Emotional intelligence

  • Why EQ matters, & how to boost it

  • Regulating emotions under pressure

  • Developing Intuition for clarity, judgement & creativity

Empowerment, accountability & autonomy in a coaching culture

  • When - & how much – to delegate?

  • The three levels of Accountability (Task, Process & Outcome); ​

  • The power of RASCI &  retrospectives - & why they are essential for projects; 

Meaning, purpose and engagement

  • Finding your Why at work

  • The 7 dimensions of meaning (& how to find meaning outside of work, too!)

  • Work as a pathway to purpose & service

Effective Prioritisation

  • How to replace the tyranny of the urgent with what’s important

  • Frameworks to prioritise projects

  • Understanding that success means saying no to good things - & how to do it

High impact communication 

  • Presenting with impact, influence & persuasion 

  • Connect, simplify & persuade during moments that matter

  • Data-driven storytelling, The 7 principles of pitching & how to resonate with an audience

Connecting & collaboration in teams

  • Personality profile with AI-augmented psychometric assessment & results

  • Enhance self-awareness & increase interpersonal skills by understanding The 4-Archetypes

  • Develop situational leadership by adapting your communication style

Problem solving and decision making

  • Exploring frameworks for decision-making

  • Understanding differing perspectives through mental models​

  • Experiencing productive & intentional conflict using a pressing problem on your strategic agenda

Creating a feedback rich culture

  • Why feedback determines the level of team performance 

  • How to create a feedback rich culture

  • Practising the feedback framework

Executive communication

  • Creating a strategic communication strategy across mediums & audiences 

  • Who, how, what & when to communicate?

  • Communicate with clarity, trust, intention & candor

Values-driven leadership​​​

  • How to lead on purpose

  • Cultivating integrity to make decisions based on your framework of values

  • Creating a vision, servant leadership and leaving a legacy


David provides transformative coaching in the above competencies.


Reach out to learn more.

Accelerated learning programmes

The most effective way to transform unleash leadership potential is through custom-designed learning journeys that last between 3-9 months.

Because these programmes ask delegates to solve pressing problems on your C-Suite’s strategic agenda, not only do they transform your talent in the leadership competencies that matter most, but your business receives tangible ROI, making L&D the catalyst for increased profit, productivity & effectiveness.

As always with Resonance, all engagements are designed according to your specific needs through a comprehensive stakeholder visioning process, with success assessed according to the metrics you choose to measure.

Videos to help you understand how Resonance works

Because your needs are unique, every engagement we undertake is custom designed to fulfil the outcomes you want achieved.


Whether training is delivered over a half or a full day, in-person or virtually, with or without integrative skills coaching depends on your requirements and budget.


Let’s talk about the budget you have and the results you intend to accomplish, and if there’s alignment - we’ll tailor a solution to exceed your expectations, guaranteed.


“Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive... Highly recommend David as a modern, forward thinking, inspirational leadership expert and coach!”

Chief People Officer, The Co-Op

“We engaged David to support our leaders on their leadership journey. Very quickly, he established psychological safety with the team and from this, was able to develop a bespoke series of workshops.  His content was backed up with evidence, as well as personal experience, which allowed him to quickly captivate, motivate and inspire our leaders.  His delivery was authentic, energetic and fast paced, whilst at the same time flexible in addressing the needs of the audience and different personality styles.   

 Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many experiencing tangible results in themselves and with their teams after the first workshop. A number of our leaders have also engaged in coaching, with some finding it so beneficial, they have requested further sessions.  


We look forward to continuing our relationship with David and would highly recommend him as a modern, forward thinking, inspirational leadership expert and coach!”


 Natalie Clare, Chief People Officer, The Co-Op 

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