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Teaching talent to lead with Impact, Influence, and Empathy

Resonate with Impact, Influence & Empathy 

Under the right conditions, with the right guidance, your talent is capable of making a paradigm shift in competency and effectiveness. What is required is an understanding of the principles which govern positive transformation, and the intrinsic motivation to put theory into practice.


In partnership with L&D, we create an environment where employees feel motivated to take risks in an environment of psychological safety, so they can develop their style experientially. Our process is therefore centred around creating these conditions within diverse teams, using an action learning framework. Because this process hinges around solving an executive level business problem, your talent doesn't just get the opportunity to step up and fulfil their leadership potential: they simultaneously solve a real problem on your strategic agenda - providing real ROI to your sponsors. 

What makes Resonance different?

High-potential employees are the most valuable resource organisations have, and developing their ability to lead clients and teams is the highest ROI action available to organisations.


The good news? While natural aptitude and determination can’t be taught, leadership is comprised of a combination of skills – and skills can be learned. Resonance teaches talent how to lead with influence, impact and empathy. In doing so, we enable your most promising employees to experience the magic of realising their full potential - and becoming a powerful force for good within your company. 

Developing the skills your leaders need most


Because people learn best by doing, the Resonance learning journey blends classroom based theory, one-on-one coaching  and simulated dry runs to help candidates test, implement and improve new skills specific to their individual needs.


As candidates apply the principles of effective leadership, they receive immediate, high-quality feedback – accelerating their growth, boosting their confidence and enhancing their competency in real-time.


Give your talent the gift of impact, influence, and empathy.


Ignite the leadership potential within them.


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

Be part of the learning journey