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Measurable shifts in core leadership competencies, guaranteed.

Resonance will work with you to meet the outcomes you select, on the metrics you choose to measure.

Half & full day modules include:

Effective communication

  • Impactful & compelling presentations

  • Connect, simplify & persuade

  • Data-driven storytelling

Values-driven leadership


  • Leading on purpose

  • Vision, service and legacy

  • Nurturing initiative, integrity and innovation

Personal mastery


  • The catalysts for personal transformation

  • Developing a growth mindset in an infinite game

  • The power of perception and the primacy of process

Meaning, purpose and engagement

  • Finding your Why
  • The 7 dimensions of meaning

  • Work as a pathway to purpose

Problem solving and decision making

  • Applying a framework for productive conflicts
  • Understanding different perspectives using mental models

  • Modelling intentional decision making through action learning


  • Replacing the tyranny of the urgent with the important
  • Understanding prioritisation as a culture - & how to build one

  • Using frameworks to prioritise projects


  • Why self-awareness underpins every aspect of leadership
  • Understanding the 4 tools to 'know thyself'

  • How to become an authentic leader 

Agile leadership

  • How to adapt to the only constant - change
  • Making productivity and effectiveness the key metric

  • Becoming process driven & iteration focused

Values-driven leadership

  • Leading on purpose

  • Vision, service and legacy

  • Initiative, integrity and innovation

Sales and relationship management

  • Building connection

  • The art of persuasion

  • Creating win-win outcomes

The 4-Archetype framework

  • Psychometric assessment and results

  • Understanding the 4-archetype framework

  • Applying the 4-Archetype to relationships - and self

Diverse thinking in engaged teams


  • Cultivating trust

  • Connecting with purpose

  • Collaborating with curiosity and candor

Empowerment and autonomy


  • Understanding the empowerment cycle

  • Adjusting leadership styles to suit situations

  • Increasing autonomy through considered delegation

Creating a feedback rich culture


  • Why feedback is the most important gift you can give others

  • How to commit to giving - & receiving - feedback

  • The 3 elements required: permission, compassion and objectivity 

Accountability and responsibility


  • Understanding the power of personal responsibility

  • Creating accountability while delegating

  • Owning outcomes as a leader

Creating psychological safety


  • Why trust underpins every aspect of performance

  • Building trust in self, and relationships

  • How to repair relationships that lack trust

Because every engagement is different, our training is custom-designed according to your needs. Contact us to discuss what's possible with your budget. 

Real-time behavioural change in core leadership competencies

Guaranteed to exceed expectations – using the metrics you choose to measure

Tangible ROI – by solving urgent & important problems on your C-Suite’s strategic agenda, using Action Learning principles

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